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Learn How to become Mermaid in Sabah & Labuan

Becoming a mermaid is not just about the astectic nature of it, its about keeping fit, tonning the body, having fun and appreciating the marvels of the ocean.

Our Mermaid students learn the ability to breath hold so they can stay underwater longer and enjoy their time with nature. All of the Try Mermaid and Mermaid course conduct by Certified SSI Mermaid Instructor [Michael Lu] who are patience and knowledgeable in teaching mermaid and breath hold techniques.

They also learn important techniques to master the art of mermaiding such as back glide, sideway kick, proper breathing, recovery breathing, duck dive, dolphin kick, monofin kick, rescue breath and rescue tow using both monofin and mermaid tail.

Like the said post above, Mermaiding is not all about photoshooting and the astectics of it, at Like Scuba Center we recommend everyone regardless of age, size, gender and background to come and learn, experience and have fun at one of the arts that has long been looked put for and is finally here in Labuan as well as Kota Kinabalu for your fitness and health!

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