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Why Becoming a SSI Open Water Instructor?

  • Change your office from the four walls to the open ocean!

  • Expand your work opportunities as a dive professional or start a brand new career!

  • Teach new people the skills and knowledge they need to become divers!

  • Share your diving passion!

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The Instructor Training Course (ITC) focuses not only on the teaching aspect of being a scuba professional, but also on the diving industry and the retail side of things. The instructor's mission is to create inspired divers, who will go on to enjoy their new hobby no matter where they travel.


Our mission is to give you the tools to make that happen in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

About the Scuba Instructor Course

The Instructor Training Course prepares you as a dive professional to teach students how to dive and it includes the Assistant Instructor course. The course focuses on SSI’s teaching methodology and system, customer loyalty cycle's philosophy, group control in both academic and in-water teaching using a roleplay format.


It is a comprehensive 12 day course with 1 extra day for additional training as needed.  During the course you will learn how to teach recreational Scuba diving courses and be prepared for the Instructor Evaluation.

In the business of Scuba Diving, we will teach you about different marketing techniques and legal aspects. After the ITC you will be able to teach all of the entry-level dive courses, specialties and professional course such as..

  • Try Scuba

  • Basic Scuba

  • Scuba Diver

  • Open Water Diver

  • Advanced Advanturer

  • Perfect Buoyancy 

  • Enriched Air Nitrox

  • Diver Stress & Rescue

  • Dive Guide

Expand your knowledge from Open Water Instructor and offer your students a broader selection of specialty courses - become a Specialty Instructor!

Being a Specialty Instructor allows you to take your students further on their diving path. Either co-teaching courses or attending a seminar with an Instructor Trainer.
472548_Advanced Adventurer (Small)
Perfect Buoyancy
Open Water Diver
Enriched Air Nitrox
Diver Stress & Rescue
Dive Guide

Who can take this course?

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Be certified as a Divemaster or equivalents
  • Minimum 100 dives
  • Proof of Certified as Enriched Air Nitrox or equivalents
  • Have a Total Diving System of professional type and quality
  • Proof of First Aid, O2, AED and CPR certification or equivalents within the last 24 months (SSI React Right is recommended)
  • Diving Medical Statement signed by a physician and dated within the last 12 months 


  • 11- 12 days

  • 2 - 3 days instructor evaluation 

Download the

medical statement

price includes:

SSI backpack.jpg
  • Professional courses online materials ~ Diamond access [E-Learning] 

  • SSI Pro activation fee

  • IE fees 

  • Instructor workshops 

  • The 1st year SSI Pro membership fee

  • Certification fee

  • Jetty & Island entrance fees

  • Buffet lunch serve on the island {approx. 5 - 6 days}

  • Comfort classroom [free wifi access, free minibar, air conditioning]

  • SSI dive briefing & guiding evaluation slate

  • SSI dive professional mask strap

  • Snorkeling & Recreational Scuba Instructor Cue Cards / Wetnotes

  • A SSI 360° backpack dry (Waterproof) | Colour: Black/White

  • All transfers to/from hotel within town area to jetty – Sepanggar Island on in-water days

Not included:

  • Insurance

  • Flights 

  • Personal dive gear (can be rented)

get prepared:

  • Must be able to show proof all previous qualifications in the form of a bonafide qualification card/ecard.
  • Each SSI ITC candidate must own a dive computer, underwater compass, surface marker buoy (SMB) and pocket mask).

Start Learning Today

You can begin your studies for free by registering on the SSI web pages

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