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Like Scuba Center, also known as Like Scuba, it's owned by Like Scuba. To ensure quality services and training standard, each of our dive pro is affiliated to SSI dive center, there is no freelance. Like Scuba is known for our experienced instructors, relaxed vibe and amazing diving. Most of our experienced instructors were Crossover from PADI to SSI since 2018. Like Scuba is Finnish owned and run, multilingual team offers diving courses also in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay.

At Like Scuba you will find the diving courses starting from beginner courses all the way to dive professional level. We’re affiliated with Scuba Schools International "SSI" and Awarded SSI Diamond Center on the year 2022 & 2023.

The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) is dedicated to the worldwide safety of the recreational diving public. As such, one of the WRSTC’s primary goals is the development of worldwide minimum training standards. SSI is also the of Member Councils of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council.

Sabah SSI best dive center, Kota Kinabalu. Most innovative, we have no books, using MYSSI apps to study dive and preview animation video. Download any language, SSI speaks 30 language, English, Chinese. We are the best diving center, less time in classroom, more time in water training. 

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Class 5 hrs & 3 days Island
1.5hrs Class & Practical
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Class 1.5 hrs & 1 day Island 

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First Aid Training, CPR, AED, O2

4 hrs Class & 1 hr Practical

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Night & Limited Visibility

2 days 1 night, Island

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Class & Island ~ 21 days

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4hrs Class, 1.5 hrs Pool, 1D Island

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3 hrs Class & Pool 


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Concern Safety
Training Standards

Your safety is our priority. Our dive instructor is patience during teaching dive courses, specially from beginner entry level to dive professional.


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Based on over 15 years of service dedicated exclusively to diving insurance and with expertise gained through insuring hundreds of thousands of divers in the USA and all over the world, you are guaranteed the best available programs for divers.

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