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Learn to be Divemaster


The Dive Guide course is the starting point for the Dive Professional adventure. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications. The goal is to create well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professionals.
Why Becoming a SSI Divemaster?
  • Share your diving passion!
  • Change your office from the four walls to the open ocean!
  • Expand your work opportunities as a dive professional or start a brand new career!
  • Pathway to become SSI Open Water Instructor  
  • Capable to lead and guide certified divers

Related to Divemaster program

Completing the Science of Diving Specialty is the next step to becoming a dive professional and upgrading to Divemaster. Science of Diving addresses all the areas of diving knowledge in a detailed and comprehensive manner: Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory, Aquatic Environment and Diving Equipment which expands your understanding on the broad subject of diving theory. 

This knowledge is the basis for a successful career as an SSI Dive Professional. As soon as you have completed Dive Guide course and the Science of Diving specialty, you will be awarded with the SSI Divemaster rating.
path to ssi divemaster.jpeg

What can you do once certified?

  • Supervise certified divers during diving activities

  • Act as a certified assistant for all SSI recreational courses.

  • Accompany student/divers during SSI Open Water dives, SSI Adventure dives or Specialty training diver under the indirect supervision of a SSI Instructor.

  • Conduct the Snorkel Explorer & Snorkeling program.

  • Teach, supervise and issue recognition cards for SSI Snorkeling programs.

  • Qualify as a Training Specialist for the SSI Ecology Specialty programs. 

Start Learning Today

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Earn the certified Snorkeling Instructor

Who can take this course?

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Be certified as a Rescue Diver or equivalents
  • Minimum 40 dives
  • Proof of Certified as Enriched Air Nitrox or equivalents
  • Have a Total Diving System of professional type and quality
  • Proof of First Aid, O2, AED and CPR certification or equivalents within the last 24 months (SSI React Right is recommended)
  • Diving Medical Statement signed by a physician and dated within the last 12 months 

COURSE duration

  • 21 days


  • MYR4100.00

price includes:

  • Professional courses online materials ~ [E-Learning] 

  • Instructor fees 

  • Specialty dive workshops 

  • 1st year SSI Pro membership fee till end of year

  • Night diving training during the course

  • Boat transfer - in water days only

  • Jetty & Island entrance fees

  • Lunch & drinking water serve on the island 

  • Comfort classroom [free wifi access, air conditioning]

  • SSI buddy team slate

  • SSI Dive professional mask strap &

  • Blue Ocean Mesh bag

  • Use of rental equipment

blue ocean mesh bag.jpg


  • Insurance

  • Flights 

  • Accommodation

  • SSI Medical statement

  • SSI Pro activation fee [MYR380]

Center Sign - Medical Statement_page-0001_edited.jpg

Download the

medical statement

MUST get prepared:

  • Must be able to show proof all previous qualifications in the form of a bonafide qualification card/ecard.
  • Each candidate must own a dive computer, underwater compass, signal marker buoy (SMB) and dive torch.


credit card300x250 px.jpeg

Credit / Debit Card

Deposit: MYR1000.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st theory started

Accept credit / debit card

Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments

PB Credit card monthly installment planjpeg


06 month: MYR683.40 p/month

12 month: MYR341.70 p/month

Accept Public Bank credit card holder

Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments

e-wallet 300x250 px.jpeg


Deposit: MYR1000.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st theory started

Accept Grabpay, Boost,

Touch & Go, Duitnow, Shopee pay

Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments

atome like scuba.png


Payment: full payment

ATOME app allow split to 3 month PAY LATER

Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments


Online Banking

Deposit: MYR1,000.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st theory class started


ACCOUNT NO. : 382-16866-06


Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments

ALIPAY 300x250 px.jpeg


Deposit: MYR 1000.00

Alipay (China)

AlipayHK (Hong Kong SAR)

Free voucher 15% off on dive equipments

DG 728x90 px.jpeg

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Build Your Future with Us

Check it out about Like Scuba's professionalism
You can be the next role model
Dmitry - RUSSIAN.jpeg

I had a lot of fun diving with this team. Everything was organised at high level, without haste, very professional, patient and safe. Ronald and Michael gave me a lot of advice on how to improve my diving technique. They showed me some great dive sites in the KK area.

Dmitry Leychenko, RUSSIAN
08 JAN 2023


Q1  Is it able to reduce the training duration less than 30 days?

Yes, Like Scuba Center conducted dive briefing through Online Class. Instructor will spend several hours to complete all academic session with you at ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET, there will be less gathering at classroom, more time at practical training on the island. 

Q2  To maintain active status, when is the date to start pay Divemaster renewal fee?

From 1st to 30th December [YEARLY], choose at least affiliate to 1 training center.

Q3  What is the price of SSI Instructor Renewal fee in 2023?

Dive Guide / Divemaster = Myr 379.00
Dive Instructor = Myr 779.00
SSI Instructor Training course.jpeg


Next ITC

Oct 2023

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