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We also accept QuinReward 50% SP as well. You can wear this computer deep down under or even at a wedding or formal event! The Teric comes in black with option to purchase 5 different color bands as an option. The Teric has all the features scuba divers have come to love, the AMOLED full color display is extremely easy to read in any diving conditions.


It's a full air integrated dive computer that's compatible and can monitor up to two transmitters on two seperate tanks. It has recreational, gauge, OC tech and CC/BO modes with up to 5 trimix and nitrox gases. Teric is very intuitive with a 4 button menu to give you a single press to access different displays like compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, etc...

SHEARWATER Teric dive computer

    • Recreational
    • Technical
    • Rebreather
    • Freediving
    • Gauge


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