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LIKE SCUBA CENTER in Kota Kinabalu is an official SSI Dive Center, Mermaid Center and Freediving Center, also affiliated 1 Instructor Trainer, 7 scuba instructor, 2 Divemaster, 1 Freediving instructor and 1 Mermaid Instructor, 2 Swim Teacher.
Ronald Choong is a former PADI dive professional since 2015, he and other dive professionals crossover from PADI to SSI [SCUBA SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL] in 2018. He is very concerned of safety and provided training quality to ensure all diver's safety and each dive courses conducted in proper way. From the started with 2 dive professional became now works with up to 8 dive professionals.
In appreciation from SSI to LIKE SCUBA, Like Scuba Center been awarded of Dedication & Commitment toward SSI Total Teaching System in 2019. Continue earned SSI Diamond Center rating in year of 2022 to 2024, it's an annually re-evaluated based on the SSI Training Center's performance.

We are small but a friendly diving school in Kota Kinabalu located at the west coast of Sabah; the instructors and divemasters we use have several years of experience teaching and rich of diving experienced.  We all have a passion for diving and love to teach and share our knowledge and experiences. 

Our aim is to give fun, safe and enjoyable diving whether it is fun diving or just starting your diving adventure and you will leave this place with some amazing memories and experiences to share with your friends and family.

We keep our groups small, a maximum of four customers per group to give you an excellent services. We are multilingual team offers diving courses also in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay.  All of our dive professionals is very concerned your safety, your safety is our priority, if you get here you will see why.

Meet Our Dive Professionals


Angeline Pang

Advanced Open Water Instructor

Love meet more people and sharing diving experience with each others. 

Always patience to teach people how to dive, build their confidence and be a safe diver.

Ronald Choong.jpg

Ronald Choong

Instructor Trainer

Freediving Instructor

Diving is my passion.

Each of my student/diver's safety is my priority, i share 100% dive knowledge & experience to who i met.

Michael Lu.jpg

Michael Lu
Mermaid Instructor

Divemaster Instructor

Scuba diving is my profession.

Addicted to Mermaiding

I love to share all including dive experience, fun and enjoyment.

That's why i choose to become SSI dive professional.

Abt Us- Pro
Kent profile pic.jpg

Kent Kan


I love to sharing dive experienced, marine life and the life style as a dive professional because scuba diving changed my life be more positive.

Wish that i can be your buddy, let's share my hobby to more diver.

Surbyien profile pic.jpg

Surbyiendranath Kumaran
Advanced Open Water Instructor
Swim Teacher Level 1 & 2

Dive Center Manager

I decide to be dive instructor when the day i been certified as SSI Divemaster.

Why; i want share this sport to more people as i know, it's so much fun and so much practical skills may helps us to adapt to new environment.


SSI Diamond Center in Sabah (BORNEO)

Our skilled and experienced staff work with small groups of customers, normally at a ratio of four customers to one instructor so they can provide the best diving experience.

We are dedicated to safe, responsible diving practices and understanding the importance of respecting the sensitive marine environment and pride ourselves on high standards of safety with professional and patience training to achieve comfort thru repetition. 

We have no QMS cases that result in a mandatory compliance action, predominantly offer SSI dive education programs and certifications, from entry-level to professional levels. 
Diamond 2024_765159.png
Diamond center 2023
DIAMOND 2022_765159

DIAMOND CENTER 2022 - 2024

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