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Welcome to the world of freedive!


After this course you will get your first freediving certification. It's part of Freediver program with basic or pool certification.

Learning how to get relaxed, how to reduce the need for oxygen and how to optimize its consumption, how to become hydrodynamic... Do you want to know what you are capable of and you hadn't even imagined?


There are some of people who come to see free diving from the beginning, but many people seem to be interested in free diving after enjoying scuba diving. 

We provide beginner course at with more training sessions for you to have strong foundation in freedive activity.

Freediving Pool course we do theory and practice in the swimming pool.


During the theory we will study the physics and the physiology about the freediving, to be able to understand the next part, which is the breathing, the relaxation and the concentration techniques, the safety procedures and the freediving technique itself.


During the practice sessions we will learn the techniques which will make us become more efficient in the Static (STA) and Dynamic (DYN) disciplines.

The Freediving Pool course has a duration of two days. All our freediving courses meet the standards of the main freediving SSI international organization.

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Start Learning Today

You can begin your studies for free by registering on the SSI web pages

Who can take this course?

  • Minimum age 12 years old 

Download the medical form

Center Sign - Medical Statement_page-0001_edited.jpg
  • If you clear the medical questionnaire with only “NO” answers, you can sign up. Please consult your physician if you get any “YES” answers before diving

Pool training depth?

  • 1.2m - 1.8m  

Course price 

  • MYR 600.00 [min. 2]

  • MYR 1000.00 [1 to 1]

If you appreciate a personal touch and a possibility to learn at your own pace, the1 to 1 pool training is the choice for you.


Payment Method

credit card300x250 px.jpeg

Credit / Debit Card

OPTION A ~ Course

Deposit: MYR300.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st Class

Accept Master / VISA

PB Credit card monthly installment planjpeg


OPTION D  ~ Course

MYR 100.00 x 06 month

Accept Public Bank Credit Card's holder

Allow 6 month installment plan


Online Banking

OPTION B ~ Course

Deposit: MYR300.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st day class


ACCOUNT NO. : 382-16866-06


atome like scuba.png


OPTION   ~ Course

Booking: Full Amount

3 month installment plan by pay later

MYR 200.00 per month

e-wallet 300x250 px.jpeg


OPTION C  ~ Course

Deposit: MYR300.00

Balance: Pay Upon 1st day island

Accept Grabpay, Boost,

Touch & Go, Duitnow, Shopee pay

Price Includes

  • 2 Pool training sessions
  • Freediving equipment rental
  • SSI Freediving Instructor
  • Light refreshments on the tea, coffee, water
  • Digital log book
  • Digital certification card
  • Pool entrance fees
  • Online materials - Diamond kit (Online access to the digital training materials lifetime)
  • Dive insurance free of charge, READ INSURANCE POLICY.
freedive equipment.png


Online training ~Diamond (Standard) access benefits

  • Lifetime Online & Offline access to the digital training materials

  • 2-year access to the Digital Divelog on the DiveSSI app

  • Downloadable to 3 different devices

  • All-in-one solution for digital: dive courses, dive logs, certification cards

  • Scales to fit any device - IOS and Android

  • Offered in ALL major languages  



  • 1 day 

[theory session, 2 pool session]

[25 quiz of final exam]

Freediving class_edited.jpg


Enrich knowledge


09:00 | Session 1 - 4 [3.5 hour]

12:30 | Lunch break [1 hour]

The above dive schedule is for reference
FRD pool training.jpeg

Pool Session


14:30 | Registration & Meet Instructor

14:45  | Preparing equipment

14:55   | Breathe hold & Stretching session

15:00   | 1st Pool Session

16:00  | Break

16:30  | 2nd Pool Session

17:15   | Wash & Pack equipment

17:30  | Sign dives log, 

The above dive schedule is for reference

What will learn in pool freediving 

  • Freediving breathing techniques, for before and after diving

  • Dry breath hold and relaxation session

  • Dynamic apnea (horizontal under water swimming) and safety procedures,

  • Freediving skills in the pool.

  • Buddy system and rescue

  • Duck Dive and equalization

  • Dive planning factors / equipment

  • Theory sessions on Freediving Equipment, Physiology of Freediving, Skills and Environment




Minimum age of 12 years old to enrol (12 year olds earn the SSI Junior  Diver certification, and may dive to a maximum depth of 5 metres).

Method of Assessment

Knowledge mastery is assessed using knowledge reviews, video in MYSSI app and final exam with a minimum score of 80%.


Skills mastery is assessed by student demonstration of skill proficiency and competency in water.

Things to bring


Change of clothes, sun lotion, sun cream, towel, personal toiletries, insect repellent, hat, personal medication.



Alcoholic or carbonated beverages, items not explicitly stated

Freedive L1

Upgrade Pool Freediver to Freediver

Open Water (for depth training)



  • 1day  

  [2 open water session]

Depth Limitations?

  • Performance requirement at 10 meters

  • Maximum open water depth limit 20 meters

  • Maximum depth for 12 -14 years old limit 12 meters

Upgrade freediver rate 

  • MYR 1000.00 [min. 2]

  • MYR 1400.00 [1 to 1]

If you appreciate a personal touch and a possibility to learn at your own pace, the 1 to 1 Open Water training is the choice for you.


What will learn in freediver

  • Learn the technique including adequate finning

  • Body positioning [streamline]

  • Carrying out safety procedures

  • Importance of freediver buddy system 

  • Equalisation 


Price Includes

  • 2 open water sessions
  • Freediving equipment rental
  • SSI Freediving Instructor
  • Fresh lunch & drinking water
  • Digital log book & e-card
  • Island entrance fee & Jetty fee
  • Online materials - Diamond kit (Online access to the digital training materials lifetime)
sabah freediver.jpg

Hi, i was looking for freediving course when i came upon Like Scuba. I joined the course and paid full fee, then came for theory and one pool session. I didn't finish the course then because of time constraint.

But Ronald , my coach and instructor was very persistent and contacted me again and again to get certified.

So i went and get certified for pool freediving and now awaiting to get certified for open water freediving.

During the course, Ronald is very professional, from preparing for theory course up to preparing for dive equipment. He even measured my fin again and again to ensure correct size. He is very patient and full of POSITIVE comments. He went through the syllabus one by one not skipping a thing even warming up. He went through such length for his students, finding the best pool for freediving for his students.

I wrote such a lengthy review because Ronald and Like Scuba is very worthy of it. I am certified PADI scuba advanced diver but i gotta say so far Ronald is the best instructor i' ve ever had in both scuba and freediving field.

Thank you Ronald and Like Scuba

09 DEC 2023
1st on the right in photo

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