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If you´re certified as a professional by other organisations, you can cross over to SSI on this quick course. SSI is the fastest growing diving organization in the world, and offers new and exciting career opportunities all around the world.
You can cross over to SSI to the level and specialties you currently hold by doing the 2-3 day cross-over course with us!

Why choose SSI?

  • With the SSI teaching system and standards you will find the perfect balance for structure vs. adaptability. You can make judgment calls regarding conditions and your students´ needs.

  • There is never a risk of any expiring points, because the remaining Pro Rewards will be automatically applied to the Professional Renewal Fees.

  • To achieve higher levels, set goals and work towards them as you better your career. Train students and take additional training to achieve higher instructor levels without pay single cents to apply MSDT or IDC Staff rating. In SSI; You are automatically rewarded with an upgraded recognition digital card.

  • Free Yearly Renewal for React Right Instructor; it's equivalent to PADI EFR Instructor. As SSI first aids Instructor, you able to teach first aids, AED, O2 and CPR course.

  • Quality and Recognition: SSI professionals are respected and sought after all around the world, because they create more confident and comfortable divers.

  • Materials: Get all your resources online, Translated versions of the study materials exist in 25 different languages, so you can offer your divers learning in their own language.



Who can take this SSI CROSSOVER 

  • minimum age 18 years
  • 100 logged dives
  • Submit proof of CPR & First Aid training within the last 24 months
  • Have a Total Diving System of professional type and quality
  • Active Open Water Instructor or higher with another scuba training organization regonized by SSI
  • Have a current medical examination for scuba diving and signed medical questionnaire by a licensed medical practitioner not older than 1 year old

Prices includes 

  • Online training materials - Instructor Kit
  • Dive Guide Briefing & Guiding Slate
  • Instructor Cue cards (For Instructor)
  • Certification fee

  • SSI Pro Activation fee
  • Dive facilities, equipment
  • Pool logistics 
  • Classroom 
  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea & Snacks 
  • Lunch & Drinks 
  • SSI Instructor Trainer fee
Pro Kits.jpg

Dive Instructor:


  • Rm2299.00 per person
  • Minimum 4 candidates
  • 2 days training course
  • Rm1299.00 per person
  • Minimum 2 candidates
  • 1 day training course


crossover academy.jpg


Day 1

09:30 | Hotel pick up

10:00  | Orientation & Introduction

10:30  | Understanding of SSI

11:30   | SSI education system

12:30  | Lunch break 

13:30  | Evaluation system 

15:30  | Coffee break

16:00  | SSI Pro Program

16:30  | SSI App & Elearning (Access)

17:30  | Transfer back to hotels

Divemaster & Instructor must participating 
WeChat Image_20190211163727.jpg

Confined Water & Paperwork

Day 2

08:15  | Hotel pick up

09:00 | Preparing equipment

09:15  | Confined water session

10:30  | Briefing & Learn New Skills

12:00  | Serve lunch & Fruits

13:30  | Leaving from pool

14:00  | Meet at classroom

14:15   | Academic Presentation

15:30  | Final exam

16:30  | End of program

17:00  | Transfer back to hotels

Instructor must participating 


Q1  How to reduce burden when paying pro yearly renewal fee?

Due to Coronavirus pandemic; SSI giving Double Pro Reward Point for each SSI Professional diver including Divemaster, Dive Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Mermaid and Freediving Instructor while they completed & certified the course to their diver/student. SSI Pro Rewards is real money that can be applied either to new Professional Digital Kits or automatically credited to your 2021 Renewal, use this Pro Reward Points to reduce yearly renewal fee. SSI Pro Reward Points is much more practical than being awarded Elite 50, Elite 100 or even Elite 300 certification.

Q2  What do i earn when upgrade professional diver rating?

SSI Professional Divers will allow to earn more money and more pro reward points for their professional diver training course they are doing, including specialty instructor courses. 

Q3  What is the price of SSI Instructor Renewal fee in 2019?

Divemaster = Myr 379.00
Dive Instructor = Myr 779.00
Freediving Instructor = Myr 479.00
React Right Instructor = FOC (equivalent EFR Instructor)

Q4  Do I lost all my student count from PADI or SDI?

The answer is NO; you must proof and summit student count's record at your PADI PROS SITE, SSI Service Center shall transfer all and convert to Pro Reward Points into your SSI account. We never forget your effort from the 1st day became as Professional Diver at other dive agency.

Q5  Can i remain as PADI Instructor after became SSI Instructor?

Answer is YES
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