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Tecline [EN 250: 2014]; certified world's highest quality rating for scuba regulator. It's lightweight, universal diving regulator. Classic design - reliable and easy to service. Breathing parameters in accordance with EN250A - confirmation of the highest quality and safe use even in the cold waters.

Tecline Regulator R2 TEC1 + OCTO + SPG SET

    • Suitable for single and double cylinders, stage and sidemount configurations.
    • Extraordinary breathing parameters exceeding the requirements of the latest EN250A standard for cold water vending machines.
    • Ports: 2x HP, 4x LP (optional: 5x LP). Dry chamber. Diaphragm valve - balanced.
    • Extra cold kit for cold water.
    • Material: sea bronze.
    • Maximum operating pressure: 300 bar Rotating head.
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